100 Desi Topsites - Ranking Best Indian Pakistani Websites

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A torrent generally signifies a strong flow of something, especially fluids and particles, and in particular water or rain.

Online Torrent Websites



    The Pirate Bay

    BitLord Super Nova
    Torrent Leech Torrent bytes
    Torrent Reactor Demonoid
    Torrent Spy Bitme
    Mininova Polish Tracker
    ISO hunt Digital-update
    BT Junkie Torrent Matrix
    Orb Design New Torrents
    Torrent Box File list
    Full Releases Revolutiontt
    DC Torrent Torrent-damage
    Desinova Bi-torrent
    Pirate Bay Uknova
    Titanium Torrents Tracker.zaerc
    IM Torrents Sumo Torrent
    Bitenova H33t
    Bolywood Torrents tti
    Desi Torrents Snarf-it
    Independent Desi Releasers pisexy
    Aradi Tracker http://bt.eastgame.net/
    BitmeTV Bitsoup
    Torrent-Damage Ilovetorrents
    TV Torrents Finbytes
    Torrentit Danishbits
    Torrentleech Conspiracy Central
    Demonoid Bush Torrent
    Bitme tracker.reprobate
    Music-Vid Bithq
    Seedler Text book torrents
    wild-bytes mybittorrent
    tha-tracker zinebytes


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